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Pure origin coffees and cocoa

We are producer, trader-partner of cooperatives, Importer and Exporter of coffee from organic farming, Grand Cru, specialty coffees and blends.
We produce Fair Trade coffee, labeled, with cooperatives of small producers and sell roasted coffee.

Key Points

From the plantation to the cup


In the mountains of East Africa, we are co-producers of grand cru green coffee, among the best coffees in the world. Marketing of Arabica and Robusta coffee cultivated by cooperatives bringing together more than 7,500 coffee growers.

Tradition and terroirs

Picked by small producers, sorted manually, washed, dried and packaged by cooperatives according to precise specifications, according to traditional African ancestral methods.

Fair trade

Certified coffees (AB, Ecocert Bio for Life) or in the process of certification, arabica and robusta.


In partnership with plantations united in cooperatives, we directly import and sell cocoa from Africa, in particular from the Congo. Cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao) come from cocoa trees growing in humid forests in the shade of the canopy. The cocoa trees come from preserved terroirs, from organic farming. The origin of our cocoas is certified and traceable.


Rue de Lausanne 94

1202 Genève – Suisse